Anna was villager from the same village as Keyaru.



Anna is presented as a normal young woman of medium height with waist-length light brown hair that is tied in a low braid where it rests on her right shoulder while there is a black headband on her head with bangs swept to the left side and amber-yellow eyes.


Anna is a sweet and kind girl who cared a lot about Keyaru to the point of treating him as a little brother than as a child.


Anna first appears after greeting Keyaru for his departure as a hero. Later on, the captain of the guards Renard, who was forced to adopt Keyaru's appearance, decided to get revenge by raping Anna all night. In the Light Novel and the Manga, as she did not know the truth behind the event and was unable to understand why her friend would do this to her, she commits suicide by biting her tongue off.

However, in the Anime, Anna survives long enough and able to see the real Keyaru one last time. She passed away while smiling, and a grievous Keyaru tries to do Recovery : Heal on her several times, hoping to revive her to no avail.

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