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Review on redo of healer

Spoiler ahead....

At every turn their is something which is gonna shock you....and this crazy stuff is not for kiddos. For watching this shit you need maturity over maturity....

This is the first anime so far that I watched which contains alot disparity,sadness, suffering,revenge,abuse, nudity,harresment,and embarrassment,this thrilling anime is never calm their us something waiting for you on the next turn.

Suffering on the mc is the worst their isn't a thing left which wasn't done to him in the past and after redoing things by his way still he suffers alott and taking revenge he never hold himself back not a bit. And the saddest part of the series so far is annas death and suffering the only mistake she made so far is just she treated keyar…

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Monterossa Monterossa 21 November 2019

We're looking for more moderators and editors

Since Kaiyari is getting an anime adaptation, it'll become more and more popular. We need more people who are willing to contribute.

If you're interested, please leave me a message on my message wall or on the comment section below.

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