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Bullet is the Cannon Hero. Having an obsessive sexual attraction to young boys, he targets Keyaru for rape and murder.



Bullet is a tall, dark-toned,muscular man. He is bald, and has a goattee. He wears a small set of glasses. He is almost always seen wearing his big gun around.


Bullet is a pedophile who believes he's doing young boys a favor when raping them. He is also very bipolar, demonstrated when he angrily punches Keyaru, and immediately apologizes afterwards (alongside raping him). Despite these extreme qualities, he proves to be quite calculating, shown through his efforts to hunt down Keyaru.


Around twenty years before the current events, Bullet was chosen as the Cannon Hero and started to gain fame in the Jioral Kingdom, forming a give and take relationship with the king. Although famous and called the "strongest hero" for his fearsome firepower, Bullet opted to conceal his status and took up the job of an orphanage priest to indulge in his "collection" of young boys; this was one of the reasons of why he chose to live in Jioral, since he could practice his hobby in a easier than in other nations. However, as a cautious person Bullet never trusted the king or the country, as so he formed his own intelligence organization in order to be a step ahead of the King and his enemies.

Five years before the start of the series he met and befriended a young Kureha, daughter of his friend Albert.


Previous Timeline

Current Timeline

At some point Bullet obtained information about the military losses of the Jioral Kingdom at the hands of the Healing Hero. Upon finding a portrait of Keyaru, he began efforts to track him down.



Prouum Jioral

Albert Clyret

Kureha Clyret


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