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The Healer Starts Over! is the first episode of the Redo of Healer anime series. It aired on January 13, 2021.


A young man, Keyaru, hears a voice inside his head directing him to a Star Spirit, who grants him the Halcyon Eye power to see all creation. In a previous life, Keyaru was a healing magician, but his power forced him to see the memories of those he healed. He was captured, abused and forced to heal his captors in battle. In secret, he grew stronger absorbing the experiences of his abusers and learned to use healing magic in unconventional ways. Eventually, he escaped, defeated a Demon Lord and used her Philosopher's Stone to heal the world to four years in the past. With his memories returned, Keyaru swears revenge on his main abuser, Princess Flare of Jioral Kingdom. Flare, who has no memory of these events, senses his awakening and declares him the Recovery Hero. Keyaru has sex with the many maids in the royal household to steal their experience. Keyaru regenerates the amputated arm of grateful swordswoman Kureha, but pretends to pass out. Flare callously orders the court magician to gain control of Keyaru, no matter how torturous the method. Confirming Flare is still as cruel as she was previously, Keyaru begins planning his revenge.


Episode Notes

  • In the manga, Keyaru travels to the past with his memories intact. The anime has Keyaru recover them through his meeting with the Star Spirit.


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