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Eve Reese is a demon from the black-winged tribe who is their candidate to become a demon lord. Her objective is to kill the incumbent Demon Lord Hakuou for trying to exterminate her brethren.



Eve has red eyes and a pair of black wings. After overcoming the trial of the divine bird Caladrius, Eve's hair turns silver and she gains a pair of horns.


She is a little shy, not being as outspoken as the other characters. Due to being hunted, she is very distrustful of everyone she meets. While not being as vengeful as Setsuna or Keyaru, she nonetheless takes pleasure in killing the demons that killed her own tribe, showing a sadistic smile on her face.


Previous Timeline

At some point in time, Eve was able to become the current Demon Lord. When battling the heroes of Jioral Kingdom, she manages to incapacitate three of them by siphoning their magic and firing a powerful blast of energy at them. However, Keyaru is able to make quick work of her familiars before she herself is defeated. Eve laments her demise as her heart (the Philosopher's Stone) is taken, but Keyaru promises her a new beginning.

Current Timeline

Eve goes to a restaurant in Buranikka to evade those after her and her black-winged kind, which is also where she meets Keyaru. The patrons laugh when Keyaru assumes her to be a Demon Lord, so Keyaru gives her a plentiful meal to make it up to her; a meal she happily gulps down. Suddenly, minotaurs attack the restaurant with the intent to capture Eve, and the latter collapses from a poisoned dart. Eve reluctantly decides to let Keyaru help her, and the group manages to evade Eve's pursuers.

At an empty house, Eve is berated by Keyaru for the many things she lacks to become the Demon Lord. Eve tearfully lashes out, proclaiming that she swore to avenge her fallen brethren by killing the current Demon Lord and to keep on living. She grows suspicious of Keyaru when he reveals that he is the Healing Hero, but soon agrees to work with him upon learning that their goals do not conflict. The next day, Eve feels uneasy about how she has nothing to give Keyaru in return. To her bewilderment, Eve learns that Keyaru intends on having her control the divine bird of pestilence Caladrius. to do so. Eve asks Keyaru if he is a good person; when he tells her that he was obviously a good person, Eve takes humor in the fact that those who say that are usually up to no good.

The group later tracks the minotaurs' camp outside Buranikka and kill all save one for Eve to finish off. She initially hesitates, but after Keyaru goads her to take revenge for her people and to become the new demon lord, Eve indulges in killing the minotaur.

When Norn Clatalissa Jioral prepares to exterminate the demons in Buranikka, Eve helps defend the town by eliminating Hawk Eye's archers on the rooftops and inside the buildings.

Powers & Abilities

  • Magic: Eve possesses an exceptional amount of mana. During her first meeting with Keyaru in the present timeline, she was able to defend herself against ritual magic attacks with little exertion. According to Keyaru, she can use both light and dark magic.
    • Force Fields: Eve is capable of creating magical barriers more powerful than Freia's. Besides that she has the ability to create a protective armor around her.
    • Familiar Creation: As the Demon Lord, Eve is able to create several familiars to aid in combat, as shown when she fought the heroes in the previous timeline.
  • Flight: She can fly into the air, using her wings.


Her name is a pun on "Iblis", the name of the Jinn who disobeyed the command of his Lord to prostate to Adam in the Quran.


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