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Flare Arlgrande Jioral (フレア・アールグランデ・ジオラル, Furea Ārugurande Jioraru) is also now known as Freia, is the Magic Hero and the main heroine. She is the princess of the Jioral Kingdom, who is currently Keyaruga's companion and slave.



Flare is a girl with hip-length peach-pinkish hair with bangs swept to the left. She initially had green eyes, but gained blue ones after Keyaru altered her appearance.

Her attractive body and outer personality has caused many people to become infatuated with her either immediately or soon after contact.


As Flare

On the outside, Flare appears to be a kind, graceful and honest woman who is able to become very popular due to her charms and beauty. In reality, Flare is unbelievably self-centered and thinks of herself as superior to everyone, especially to Keyaru, a mere farmer and a Hero with no offensive capabilities; because of the latter prejudice, she sees him as no more than a tool only useful for carrying the group's equipment, serving as a whipping boy, increasing the level cap of her servants and on occasion casting Heal.

Incredibly sadistic, she tortured Keyaru at every turn, beat him regularly and forced him to do tricks like a dog in order to get the drug she got him addicted to.

However, Flare is also cowardly, as she begged Keyaru for forgiveness after the latter manages to ambush her. She tried to justify her actions by telling Keyaru that she only drugged him for his sake when it ending up going wrong for her. She is willing to offer Keyaru bargains such as money, noble status or even women. When she was about to impaled by a heated rod, Flare begged him to only harass her instead. Before Keyaru erase her memories, she begged once last time.

Although manipulative enough to be able to conceal her true nature from the people of the Kingdom, she is ultimately portrayed as a rather clueless person, her own sister considering her useful solely as a weapon of mass destruction. When she sees Keyaru faint after healing Kureha, she immediately dismisses him as completely useless, and has to be told by her court mage that he has in fact performed some very high-level magic. Her arrogance is on full display once Keyaru strikes back against her, as even when she is completely at his mercy, she still behaves herself arrogantly towards him and insults him for being low-born, which only infuriates the Healer Hero even further.

As Freia

After being brainwashed by Keyaruga, Freia is now completely loyal to him and genuinely in love with him. She is also far more kinder than her former self, as she treats Setsuna as a friend in spite of how her nation abuses demi-humans.

Ironically, she now displays a strong sense of justice and will be the first to claim that they have to save people whenever the Jioral Kingdom's forces abuse innocents. This amuses Keyaru to no end, as he knows what kind of person she used to be before this and feels like it's hypocritical for Freia to hold such views. Keyaru has noted that despite her memory being changed her personality is still the same in regards to how she views all other humans besides Keyaru and those she has come to care about, therefore she doesn't mind or hold it against him when he kills people who deserve it.

Becoming an amnesiac has made Freia more naive than before. Keyaru even has to teach her how to use her spells properly, since even though she retained her knowledge on how to cast them, all of her experience with their use disappeared along with her memories.

Despite her amnesia, Freia still harbors some traits of her former personality, such as her talent in manipulation and lying. Additionally, Freia is able to impersonate her former self flawlessly. She was able to get Kureha Clyret, the villagers and its inhabitants to turn against the Jioral Kingdom when revealing their atrocities and deceptions.


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Previous Timeline

Flare originally found Keyaru in his village and took him back to the capital to train him as a hero after identifying him as one. However, once she found out Keyaru's status as a Healer Hero, as well as his reluctance to use his magic, Flare abused him and treated him as a slave, feeding him an addictive drug to make him submissive for 4 years.

She and Keyaru end up as the only survivors in the heroes' battle against the current demon lord. Flare tries to persuade Keyaru to give her the Philosopher's Stone, but Keyaru is able to deduce her intention to use it for world domination. After Keyaru decides to use the item to rewind time, Flare is unable to do anything but insult him before he activates the stone.

Current Timeline

Once Keyaru traveled back from the future and took countermeasures to deal with the drug, he was recruited again by Flare, and the same events unfolded for a month. Keyaru then regains his mind from the drugs, he vows to fully take his revenge. After Keyaru escapes captivity, Flare is subject to physical torture and rape before having her appearance modified and memories erased.

After she woke up, Keyaru convinced her that she was Freia, his lover and slave. She submissively accepts having sexual intercourse with him and afterwards, joins him as his follower and the magician hero.


Elemental Magic: As the Magic Hero, Flare specializes in casting devastating offensive magic, particularly area of effect spells that can decimate an entire army. At the beginning of the series, she is seen casting magic of the seventh tier. As Freia, she seems to be able to go only up to the fifth tier, but this is likely because she is lower level than she was in the prologue rather than because of her memory loss, but in later volumes after recovering her Holy Armament Freia recovers the ability to do seventh tier spells being able to cast them consecutive times.

Flare is able to cast formidable magic affiliated with various elements, including lightning, fire, ice, earth and wind. A normal mage can only master one or two elements, but as a Hero, Flare is capable of using every single element and combine several spells to devastating effect. Unfortunately, as Freia, her memory loss causes her to lose her combat experience with her spells. One of her favorite techniques, as taught to her by Keyaru, is combining ice projectiles with a burst of wind to increase their range.

Durability: Flare has durability and endurance. Even when Keyaru drained her of her magic leaving the first princess herself defenseless and weak, she was able to endured from Keyaru's torments towards her when the latter breaks her fingers one after another. Even when she was sexually harassed and raped by Keyaru, she was barely alive.

Level Cap Break: Being one of the heroes allows her to level up as much as she wants without having a level limit.

Increased EXP Gain: Being one of the heroes allows her and her party members to gain double the EXP, stacking multiplicatively with the other heroes if they are in the same party.

Hero Detection: As the Magic Hero, Flare has the power to find other Heroes and is the only one of the Heroes with this ability.


  • Mjolnir - A seventh rank ancient magic that only Flare is able to use as the Magic Hero. She uses this spell during the battle against the Demon King in the first timeline. The spells summons a massive thundercloud that release a high concentration of lightning against the target.
  • Fixer Star - A sixth rank magic, when used it activates a red star light like the sun in the sky, it was used on the day of execution of Alban citizens at the Colosseum as Flare and also causes the magic token to be slightly damaged due to excessive force. It can also shine very brightly, which blinds opponents and serve as a distraction, seen when it allowed Keyaru and party to escape. The magic is usually used to burn opponents.
  • Star Fall - A fifth rank magic used by forming a miniature sun and throwing it onto a group of enemies to create a massive explosion. It is designed to annihilate armies and has the additional effect off burning alive nearby targets while descending. Freia uses this spell to support Keyaru during the battle to save the Ice Wolf Village. With Keyaru this magic can by activated at an additional range of 400 meters.
  • Earth Shatter - A spell that causes the ground to split and shake like an extremely violent earthquake. Freia uses this to help the party escape the minitours that were trying to get Iblis.
  • Heat Detection - A original spell created by Keyaru that Freya learned during their time in Ratalinna. The spells allows the user to detect all heat signatures in a radius of 350 meters, making virtually impossible to reach the caster undetected.
  • Compound Magic:
    • Ice Spear Wind Bullet - Another original spell created by Keyaru that Freya learned during their time in Ratalinna. She creates a spear out of ice and then uses wind magic to send the spear flying forward with increased speed. This spell can be used in conjunction with heat detection in order to snipe enemies from long distances.


  • Vanargand: Flare's Holy Armament comes in the form of a staff called Vanargand. It enhances the magic cast by her, and can accumulate magic from her surroundings as well as perform the magic formula calculation by itself. Freya obtained it at some point before invading the Demon Territory during the first timeline. In the new timeline she form a contract once again before the final battle against King Proum Jioral and Vanargand materialize once again.


Her real name Flare (フレア) is written the same way as one of the ultimate offensive magic in Final Fantasy video game series as opposed to Keyaru's name associating with a healing magic.

Alternatively, her name could be a reference to the goddess Freya from the Norse mythology. This also applied to her fake name Freia (フレイア). Her weapon Vanargand and her ultimate attack "Mjolnir" are also referred to the Norse goddess.


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