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Guren is a divine beast who is one of Keyaru's party members.



In her Kitsune form, Guren looks like a small fox with fluffy golden hair, the ends of its ears, hands and feet are black and at the end of her tail it has white hair.

In her human form, Guren looks like a thirteen year old girl with fox ears and tail.


From the moment she hatched, her calculating nature led her to prance around and act cute, which successfully deceived everyone in the party except Keyaruga.


Current Timeline

After Keyaru received a egg from Miru in the Kokuyoku village and pouring lots of mana in the egg, Guren started growing by absorbing the spirit and mana of Freia, Ellen, Setsuna, Eve, and Keyaruga. When she hatched, she feigned innocence and leapt at the party members. Keyaruga, ever suspicious, stabbed her to bind her with a magic formula that made it impossible for her to run away or hurt him. Playing into what he thought, she glares at him for an instant, leading to Keyaruga alone understanding her true nature.

Power & Abilities

  • Purgatory Flames: Boosts fire magic to purgatory class magic
  • Illusion Magic
    • Echochrome: Boosts illusion magic's power and effect time. By boosting mana consumption to 3x the normal amount, the time a separate object is affected becomes infinite.
  • Shapeshifting: Guren can change her appearance



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