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Keyaru (ケヤル), also known as Keyaruga (ケヤルガ), is the main protagonist of Redo of Healer. On his 14th birthday, he was chosen as one of the Heroes, the Hero of Healing.

After years of torture at the hands of his "allies", he manages to break free and get the Philosopher's Stone. He then uses the item to go back four years time to exact revenge against the people who tortured him. After killing the former king, Keyaru became the new king of the Jioral kingdom, to transform it into a genuinely peaceful kingdom.



Keyaru is a young boy of medium height with brown hair and red eyes. Initially, he is dressed in simple clothes he used in the village, then after the start of his revenge he uses a set of armor he stole from the Captain of the Guards. When he uses his Heal skill, his eyes turn green. His new appearance as Keyaruga is just an older version of himself. In his "Keara" disguise, he gives off a more feminine appearance - a buxom maiden with waist-long brown hair with a red ribbon on the back of the head, except leaving the male genital intact.



Although she got information about him from the villagers, it was all the same; kind, hard worker, indecisive and easy going. Only those types of words came out. Since he was young he had the optimistic dream of [saving the world after becoming a worthy hero so that no more children like me get their parents killed and become lonely]
— Princess Norn thoughts about Alban villagers description of Keyaru (Light Novel Volume 03)

Initially, Keyaru was a very kind and gentle boy with dreams. When he discovered that he was one of the Heroes who would save the world, he was very excited but he was afraid to use his power when he found out that by healing people, he absorbed their memories and pain.


A hedonist who does not believe in anyone apart from himself. His personal principle is to always decide on his feelings, not about loss or gain, but he becomes an extreme realist during the implementation phase, taking the opportunity to want to profit as well. He thorughly prepares to do fun things, removing the anxiety factor, choose what he can do and calmy implements it. The troublesome type. On top of not being able to predict what they will do, when they take action, they come at you with a plan with no gaps. At one glance, he looks mad, but he's actually not a lunatic. If he was mad he would not be able to take such systemic actions. Rather, he may enjoy being conscious that he is mad.
— Princess Norn about Keyaru's mindset

After being betrayed, imprisoned, drugged, tortured, beaten and raped by several people who wanted to break their level limits for a long period of time, Keyaru's kind personality changed completely to that of a man vindictive, cruel, brutal, unstable, sociopathic, relentless, bloody and sadistic. Because his naive personality was what allowed him to be exploited, Keyaru replaced his old personality with that of a manipulative and cunning misanthrope.

He completely discarded almost all of his old, kind and generous personality in order to become a sadistic, violent and cold-blooded killer so that he could have his revenge.

Revenge is Keyaru's primary concern, although at least once he has mentioned the possibility of "living happily" once he has taken vengeance on his abusers. When Setsuna asked him why he seeks revenge so much, Keyaru explains that the idea that those who tortured him can just live their lives without suffering the consequences makes you want to vomit. Another example of his sadistic personality is when Keyaru thoroughly takes pleasure upon taking vengeance, as seen by his happy laughter after having raped Flare and erasing her memories. The only exception shown so far is the Knight Captain, where even after turning him into a woman and having him raped by his soldiers to death for having destroyed his home village, raped and then made Keyaru's first love, Anna committed suicide, he displays not happiness nor satisfaction during it and afterwards, presumably because the Knight Captain's actions resulted in the death of many of Keyaru's loved ones. When his first love, Anna and all the villagers in her village were killed by Renard, Keyaru becomes completely cold and suffers extreme levels of despair and anguish after losing his last sheds of humanity by becoming the sole survivor of his now deserted village.

Keyaru also explains to Setsuna that just seeing the suffering of those who made him suffer, Keyaru feels a stimulating feeling and fills his heart with pleasure and satisfaction. Keyaru also laughed madly in glee, delight and satisfaction after having Blade raped and eaten alive by three angry thugs under the influence of an aphrodisiac.

One of Keyaru's redeeming factors is that he has no desire to harm those who have done him no harm, and in fact makes it a personal rule not to drag them into his revenge; this applies even to people who are otherwise cruel like Princess Norn (until he discovers that she had a hand in executing the captured members of his village). Keyaru also has some sympathy for people who strive for justified revenge the same way he does, and will do his best to help grant them their desire with the condition that they also help him with his. Furthermore, Keyaru wanted to verify if Flare was still as evil as she was after his do-over, to ensure that the revenge he was about to enact was well deserved.

It is quite difficult to interpret how he really feels about the girls in his party, as he refers to them only as his ´toys´ in his inner thoughts, this implies that he does not really love them and only sees them as simple tools.

However, apart from that and some relatively minor things, like making Freia carry his luggage as a form of revenge for having used him as a pack mule, he treats them only with kindness, in total contrast to his own treatment at the hands of the Flare's party.

Keyaru has also shown himself to be genuinely enraged whenever any of them are injured, this could be seen when Kureha knocked out Freia. Before that, when two bandits tried to kidnap Freia, Keyaru ordered them not to touch her, being even willing to kill them. But it is not clear that it means that he is more protective of them than he can realize himself, or if he is just simply possessive.

Keyaru has also confessed once that during his travels with his party, even if only sometimes, his thirst for revenge vanishes, but he disregards this when he remembers that she still has people to get revenge on. However, this may be an unconscious way for him to refuse to acknowledge that he is starting to care about other people, out of fear of losing them too.

He has an extremely warped concept of right and wrong, and solely base people on his own stringent criteria. Although he hates those who wronged him in the past, he unconsciously picked up many of their insidious natures. He can be a sadist with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance and is also willing to trick something akin to an offspring of his into sexual intercourse because of her looks, taking advantage of her young naivety.


Previous Timeline[]

As he was one of the chosen heroes, Flare Arlgrande Jioral took Keyaru from Alban Village to Jioral Kingdom, where he identified himself as the Healing Hero. Unfortunately for Keyaru, prejudice against the healer class resulted in Flare, the Heroes and Jioral Kingdom abusing and torturing Keyaru to the point where he was addicted to a healing drug Flare fed him to keep him in line. While Traveling with Flare, Blade, and Bullet, he was often sexually and physically abused by all three. Developing an immense hatred towards them, he eventually develops a resistance to the drug and is able to maintain his sanity. However, as he was aware that he would be unable to take any of the heros in a fight, he kept quite and pretended to still be dependent on the drug. At some point the group met up with Norn, with her discerning that he wasn't broken. Intrigued by him, she decided not to tell the others on the condition the Keyaru entertains her.

When the heroes are incapacitated by the current Demon King, Keyaru is able to defeat and reveals him to be a silver-haired woman. Using the Philosopher's Stone he obtained from her, Keyaru declares vengeance on Flare before reversing time by four years.

Current Timeline[]

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After reversing time, he woke up in his house in Alban Village. He couldn't remember anything and told Anna that he had had a 'nightmare'. But he didn't tell her about a weird voice in his head, telling him what he must do. When asked about which job he would choose when it comes to his 15th birthday, he said that he didn't have any orientation and go out to harvest apples. However, a monster attacked the village and intended to kill Anna. The voice told him about its cons and he was able to defeat it, despite not having any experience in fighting with monsters.

Afterwards, Keyaru goes into the woods and obtains the ability to read the statuses of others from the spirit of the stars. This process takes 5 days. Two days after, he is 15 years old and chosen to be a Hero. During the next 5 days, he eats numerous narcotic and toxic mushrooms every day to develop his poison resistance. Eventually, Flare comes to his village and Keyaru reveals himself as the Healing Hero. She then takes him to the royal capital of the Jioral Kingdom.

After arriving at the capital, Keyaru notes that he is too weak to challenge any of the soldiers. That night, a maid seduces and has sex with him in his room to increase her level cap so he takes the opportunity to steal some of her experience. Over the next week, he would have sex with all of the maids in the castle.

When he is finally called to restore Kureha Clyret's arm, Keyaru takes some of her experience and pretends to faint to get a look at Flare's reaction. Upon seeing that she gave up on him the first time he used his Heal ability, Keyaru takes delight in how he won't feel guilty taking revenge. Later, Keyaru is given a cup of drugged tea by Flare and after he drinks it, he falls unconscious. He later wakes up chained in a prison cell. In confinement, Keyaru is raped by soldiers who want to increase their level cap nearly every day while the drug is repeatedly used on him. He keeps enough sense to steal experience from soldiers raping him, and after several weeks he acquires drug resistance to prevent him from succumbing to Flare's drug anymore.

Overhearing from the guards that the king is away, Keyaru escapes his prison cell after one month of captivity as well as 2 weeks of having his consciousness back. After evading the guards under the guise of a knight, he exacts vengeance on the knight captain by besting him in combat and transforming his appearance to look like Keyaru's, before transforming himself to look like the captain. As the knight captain, he turns "Keyaru" in and asked to speak to Flare in her chamber. Utilizing his disguise, Keyaru is able to isolate himself, Flare, and her attendants in Flare's chambers. Killing her attendants with a technique stolen from Kureha, he then proceeds to torture Flare, breaking each of her fingers until she can no longer hold back her screams. He then makes her submit to rape by making her choose between his manhood and being burned by a metal rod. To complete his revenge, he transforms her appearance to suit his taste and erases her memories. He transforms one of the dead attendant's bodies to look like Flare's before taking her and leaving the castle, framing the knight captain for Flare's murder. After arriving at an inn with Flare, he changes his appearance and adopts the name Keyaruga. He then convinces the amnesiac Flare that she is his slave and lover, Freia, before the two have passionate sex. Freia then swears loyalty to him.

Keyaruga and Freia make their way to a town ravaged by a plague. Realizing that the illness is originating from the water, Keyaruga creates an antidote which he sells to a merchant. He then proceeds to use the money to buy an ice wolf slave, Setsuna, who agrees to serve him in exchange for his help to get revenge on the people who attacked her village. Keyaruga has sex with Setsuna to increase her level cap on and the next night, the two of them, along with Freia, stop the attack of the Jioral soldiers on her village. Keyaru kills multiple soldiers with techniques stolen from Kureha. Following the battle, Keyaruga and Setsuna discover the source of the village's illness, a monster corpse thrown in the water as retaliation for the actions of the Jioral soldiers. He gives Setsuna the choice of what to do, and she chooses to heal the humans, as most of them are innocent and she seeks to kill the guilty ones herself.

The next day Keyaruga's group is confronted by Kureha, who heard that someone used her family's swordsman ship to kill soldiers. Keyaruga manages to hold her off with the help of an aphrodisiac, but she is still able to cut his arm off. Catching her off-guard right after that, he uses his Heal skill to restore his arm and to show her the memories of the ice wolf tribe as the soldiers attacked them, and the shock of the revelations cause her to fall unconscious. When she wakes up, Keyaruga and Freia, as Keyaru and Flare, both explain that they see the evil in the Jioral Kingdom, claiming that they faked Flare's death and are working to save the kingdom. Kureha is initially shocked by the revelation but comes to accept their reasoning. Under the effect of another aphrodisiac set up by Keyaru, the two proceed to have sex. As a result, the two develop a romantic relationship, which Freia and Setsuna grew jealous of.

Keyaru soon finds out that nearly everyone in his village was rounded up for execution as a way to draw him out. Upon learning that Anna was raped by the knight captain, Keyaru exacted his revenge on the captain by turning him into a woman and brainwashing the captain's men to rape him to death, before setting the house they are in on fire. He then tries to save Anna but it fails. The following day, Keyaru goes to the coliseum to try and save the rest of the villagers but learns the fact that they were poisoned to ensure that wouldn't be possible. Despite this, he is able to turn the spectators against the authorities by having Freia adopt Flare's appearance and inform them of the kingdom's atrocities.

The next day, Keyaru asks Kureha to return to the Kingdom and work as an information provider. Then, his party go to Branicca - the only city where demons and humans live together- because "There is a person I want to meet", in this case, she is the Demon King of the previous timeline. Another reason is to take revenge on Norn if she goes there. These three go to a restaurant to eat and run across Eve Reese who makes Keyaru astounded because of the similarity with the previous timeline's Demon King. But he soon finds she is just one of the "candidates". Keyaru saves her from the soldiers of the current Demon King, who wants to kill all the "candidates" to secure his position as Demon King. Seeing her very reduced circumstance, he proposed his help on the condition that he can take the current Demon King's heart. After one day of hesitation, she accepts his help.

After Eve joined his group, Keyaru found himself facing enemies Blade and Norn, Flare's younger sister, who are accompanied by a powerful knight named Trist Organ aka Hawkeye. He starts by disguising himself as a girl named Keara to lure in Blade, who loves to rape young girls. Once Blade found out that Keyaru was really a guy, he dropped his hapless act and subdued her. He then killed Blade by making brainwashed men eat her alive. After Norn's army killed a friend of his, Keyaru fought his way to Norn where he managed to defeat Hawkeye and capture Norn, bringing her to an underground cellar. After torturing her with the help of Freia, who is brainwashed into behaving like a dog, he brainwashes Norn into becoming his little sister Ellen. After explaining things to Kureha, he proceeded to have sex with all the girls, except for Eve. After visiting the graves of his deceased friends, he continued his journey to help Eve evolve and take down the Jioral kingdom.


His real name Keyaru (ケヤル), fake name Keyaruga (ケヤルガ), and his feminine name he used while disguising as a girl Keara (ケアーラ), are all similar to healing magics from the Final Fantasy video game series (Cure, Curaga and Cura, respectively), as opposed to Flare's name associating with an offensive magic.


  • "The weaker Keyaru no longer exists. I have been reborn. My name is Keyaruga. I will redo my life how I want it. I am strongest healer." - Episode 2.
  • I am a pacifist; as long as you don't do harm, I won't come at you first. However, the moment you've become my enemy, there's no forgiveness. Light novel volume 2


  • In Anime, after torturing and killing the Captain of Knights , he does his best to run to a church and save Anna, but he can't. However, in manga and Light Novel, he hears the news that she was raped by Renard and committed suicide then from a member of the Knights.
  • Before going back in time, Keyaru was 18 years old, but when he returned, he turned back to 14.
  • In anime, we don't know whether Keyaru intends to have children with all of his mistresses (considering his previous relationship with Freia and Ellen). However, in light novel, he thinks about coming back home and living a happy, peaceful life with his girls after taking revenge on all "those people".
  • He has used his 'Heal' skill to prevent all his girls from being pregnant.


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