Kureha Clyret is a female knight of Jioral Kingdom, renowned as the Blade Goddess. She initially opposes Keyaru's party, but allies with them after learning of her kingdom's atrocities.




Unlike the majority of people affiliated with Jioral Kingdom, Kureha is a honorable woman with a sense of justice. When Keyaru restores her lost arm, she reacts with genuine gratitude and promises to return the favor. She abhors the idea of using the Clyret swordsmanship to commit evil, and thus confronted Keyaru after hearing how he killed kingdom troops she assumed were protecting the Ice Wolf tribe. Kureha is opposed to the idea of taking demi-humans as slaves, as shown when she thought Setsuna was forcibly made one.


Kureha initially appears missing an arm that was lost during battle, and asks the newly recruited Keyaru to restore it. The restoration is a success, but Keyaru collapses during the process.

Current Timeline

Kureha later goes to Ranalitta and confronts Keyaru (unbeknownst to her) after hearing he used the Clyret swordsmanship to murder Jioral Kingdom soldiers. She is further convinced that he must be slain after assuming his demi-human companion was someone he forced into becoming a slave. The two then engage in a fierce duel, and though her sword is broken by Keyaru's corrosion, she is still able to corner him with another. It is then that Kureha is briefly hindered after slashing a thrown flask containing aphrodisiac fumes, and tries to stave the effects by stabbing her leg. Although she manages to lop off Keyaru's right arm, the latter is able to restore his lost limb and use his Upgrade ability to make her experience memories of demi-human abuse.

Kureha wakes up at an inn, hesitant to believe what she saw. Her suspicion only increases after Keyaru reveals himself as the Healing Hero, but is eventually convinced after Flare (Freia in Flare's clothing) tells her the true nature of Jioral Kingdom. After pledging her services as thanks for restoring her arm, Keyaru hits her abdomen to let the aphrodisiac take effect and enable her to experience pleasure for the first time via sex.

The next morning, Kureha informs the group that the kingdom was looking for Keyaru with appraisal papers; since they knew that he was able to change his appearance, these would allow them to find a person with his name regardless of what they look like. When soldiers outside announce they will execute the people in Keyaru's village of Alban, Kureha is assigned to investigate what became of it. She wonders what allows the Jioral Kingdom to get away with their atrocities under the pretense of protecting humanity, so she is further assigned to look into who was behind it. After receiving a kiss from Keyaru, Kureha sets out with profound enthusiasm.

Powers and Abilities

  • Holy Blade: Despite not being a hero, Keyaru measures her as level 45, a level among the apex of humanity. Gifted with the rare skill Holy Blade, Kureha possesses preternatural ability in swordsmanship which has earned her the title Blade Goddess. Even when hindered by the effects of Keyaru's aphrodisiac, she is still able to lop off his arm at a moment's notice.


  • Keyaru: When her arm was restored, Kureha reacts with genuine gratitude and promises to return the favor. After his escape, they meet again as enemies, but become allies she is bested in combat and learns the true nature of Jioral Kingdom. Due to the influence of an aphrodisiac used in battle, Kureha becomes intimately infatuated with Keyaru.
  • Flare Arlgrande Jioral:


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