Norn Clatalissa Jioral, now known as Ellen, is the second princess of Jioral Kingdom, and younger sister of Flare.



Norn is a pink-haired girl with green eyes. She looks similar to her older sister, albeit with a smaller figure.


As Norn

Cold and calculating, Norn is the one of the most sadistic individuals among the Jioral Kingdom, which even unnerves her fellow companions.

As Ellen

After being brainwashed and having her memories wiped by Keyaru, Ellen is completely subservient to Keyaru, whom she regards as her older brother.


Previous Timeline

Norn was in charge of overseeing the capture of several demon cities for Jioral Kingdom. In one of them, Norn poisoned the water supply and rounded up the weakened inhabitants to be massacred. Through interrogation of key survivors, Norn obtains a map of the entire demon territory. She assigns Flare to burn down three cities at night using her explosive magic to hinder enemy reinforcements; when Flare shows hesitation, Norn condescendingly tells her using magic was all that Flare was good for. Once everyone leaves the room, Norn takes interest in Keyaru upon noticing he wasn't completely broken. Amused by his frightened reaction, Norn asks him to fulfill one request before laughing maniacally.[1]

Current Timeline

In Jioral Castle, the disappearance of the imperial knight captain makes Norn grow frustrated at the thought of cleaning up her sister's mess. She steps on her dog-like servant John to make herself feel better and decides to have everyone in Keyaru's village executed. The thought of asking Blade to come as insurance annoys her however, so she resumes stepping on John. Before the execution, Norn made sure to poison the villagers beforehand so that Keyaru would ultimately save nobody.

Norn later goes to the city of Burranikka with Blade and Hawk Eye. A few days later, Norn announces to the citizens that Jioral forces will purge the city of its demon inhabitants, igniting a confrontation between the demons and Jioral soldiers. Norn's forces also try to bargain the feudal lord of Burranikka to surrender, but are unsuccessful. After receiving the news in her carriage, she looks outside and sees Flare on the rooftops, who convinces the populace to cease fighting. With the situation turned against her forces, Norn reluctantly follows the advice of a Jioral soldier and retreats along with Hawk Eye. The soldier, however turns out to be a disguised Keyaru, and after the latter manages to kill Hawk Eye, Norn is then captured.

Norn is taken to a basement below the local inn to meet Flare, who had been turned into a dog-like state by Keyaru. Norn is then sexually assaulted by her older sister until the latter faints, and before she has her memories erased by Keyaru, Norn defiantly tells him to go to hell.[2]

The amnesiac Norn is later introduced to the rest of the group. She is brainwashed into thinking that she was Keyaru's younger sister named Ellen, and Keyaru makes her have a Brother Complex for him.


  • Strategy: Norn's tactical prowess makes her stands out among others in Jioral Kingdom, and is enough for Keyaru to regard her as a dangerous and risky target of revenge. In the first timeline, she led a large-scale subjugation of demon territory with great success. She was nearly successful with the extermination of demons in Buranikka, had it not been for Keyaru's countermeasures.


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