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Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi (Redo of Healer), or simply Kaiyari, is the anime adaptation of the original light novel of the same name. It was announced on November 20, 2019, and was scheduled to premiere in January 13, 2021 to March 31, 2021,[1][2][3] and it did.

The opening theme song, "Zankoku na Yume to Nemure", will be performed by Minami Kuribayashi, while the ending theme song, "Yume de Sekai wo Kaeru nara", will be performed by Arcana Project.[4]


"Healing magicians cannot fight alone." Keyaru, who was bound by this common knowledge, was exploited again and again by others.

But one day, he noticed what lay beyond healing magic, and was convinced that a healing magician was the strongest class. However, by the time he realized that potential, he was deprived of everything. Thus, he used healing magic on the world itself to go back four years, deciding to redo everything.

This is a heroic tale of one healing magician who became the strongest by using knowledge from his past life and healing magic.



Opening theme: "Cruel Dreams and Sleep" (残酷な夢と眠れ) performed by Minami Kuribayashi. Full size music video

Ending theme: "If You Can Change the World in a Dream" (夢で世界を変えるなら) performed by ARCANA PROJECT. Full size music video


No. Episode Release
1 Episode 1: The Healer Starts Over! January 13, 2021
2 Episode 2: The Healer Ruins Princess Flare! January 20, 2021
3 Episode 3: The Healer Buys a Slave! January 27, 2021
4 Episode 4: The Healer Gets Setsuna! February 3, 2021
5 Episode 5: The Healer Finds a New Toy! February 10, 2021
6 Episode 6: The Healer Sheds Blood and Tears! February 17, 2021
7 Episode 7: The Healer Executes Justice! February 24, 2021
8 Episode 8: The Healer Meets the Demon Lord! March 3, 2021
9 Episode 9: The Healer Takes Revenge for a Meal! March 10, 2021
10 Episode 10: The Healer Becomes a Single, Lovely Flower! March 17, 2021
11 Episode 11: The Healer is Troubled by Norn's Brutality! March 24, 2021
12 Episode 12: The Healer Embarks on a New Journey! March 31, 2021



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