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Renard[1] was the captain of the Jioral Kingdom's knights.



Renard's initial appearance is that of a tall and noticeably muscular man. His appearance is later transformed by the Keyaru to mimic the latter's after losing to Keyaru in a fight, though he later wears a blindfold over his right eye after stabbing it in a fit of rage. When Keyaru tortures him for the final time, he is transformed into a frail girl to be raped by his brainwashed men.


Renard is a cruel and brutish man with a sadistic streak. He takes significant pleasure inflicting pain on others as shown in his interactions with Keyaru, but this also extends towards his superior Flare Arlgrande Jioral; when he admits to himself that he is infatuated with her, his first thought was how he wanted to rape and defile her. After mentally breaking Keyaru's friend Anna and watching her commit suicide, he burst into a fit of laughter upon recounting the event to Keyaru.

In the end, Renard is shown to be a coward when he was about to be raped to death by his brainwashed men, he begged Keyaru to spare his life after the latter turned Renard into a woman.


After Keyaru is imprisoned, Renard beats up Keyaru, seeing the boy's refusal to heal as an act of disrespect towards Flare. When Keyaru makes his escape, he catches Renard off guard incapacitates him before switching their appearances. Keyaru uses this opportunity to get Renard sent to the dungeon and get his revenge on Flare.

Renard goes on to be tortured until they conclude that he isn't Keyaru and release him. As a sign of his hatred for Keyaru, Renard mutilates his own face. Eventually, he is given orders to capture the people of Keyaru's village. During the subsequent invasion, Renard, still with Keyaru's face, rapes Anna, who kills herself by biting her own tongue off.

Renard later meets Keyaru and gleefully reveals his actions. Keyaru, overcome with rage, transforms Renard into a girl and leaves him to be raped to death by his own drugged soldiers.


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