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Setsuna is a female Demi-human slave that Keyaru bought and recruited into his party.



Setsuna is a short demi-human with white fur, lupine ears and a tail.


After she and other members of her tribe were taken as slaves and endured harsh abuse, Setsuna has developed a strong hatred towards humans and takes great pleasure in killing Jioral Kingdom knights. Despite this, she is not willing to extend her vengeance towards innocent people.


Current Timeline

Setsuna is first encountered by Keyaru in the custody of a slave trader. Her resentful expression is noticed by Keyaru, who promises Setsuna assistance with her revenge before bringing her back to an inn. She attempts to leave by force out of an obligation to help her tribe, but Keyaru, who had viewed her memories while she was asleep, reminds her of her current powerlessness. This convinces Setsuna to become Keyaru's slave, and the two have sex to increase her level cap.

Setsuna and the others then go to the Ice Wolf Village to save her people from becoming slaves. After Keyaru thins the number of enemies, Setsuna indulges in killing the rest with great ferocity. Keyaru and Setsuna later have a moment together in the forest, where she confesses that although she is grateful for helping her get revenge, she has not had her complete fill. Setsuna declares she will devote herself to Keyaru, and reveals to him her real name.

Powers & Abilities

  • Strength: After having her level cap raised, Setsuna is able to overpower the average human.

Agility: She is very agile, as shown when she easily outmaneuvers multiple guards, and performs multiple flips. She can also fall from a great height without being injured.

Ice Claws: Setsuna's primary weapon. By enveloping her hands with ice, the result is a pair of sharp claws portruding from her fingers.


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